stone splitting machine


Wind Star is the Steinex range of splitting machinery used in automatic splitting lines for splitting sawn stone and concrete.

In addition to the traditional upper and lower blades, Wind Star splitting machines are equipped with lateral or side blades. This four-blade system permits splitting pressure to be exerted to all four principal stone faces resulting in a straighter split or profile
With certain types of stone, using this technology it is possible to produce very thin cladding and tiles with a straight profile not normally achievable with traditional upper and lower blade systems
Additionally, Wind Star machines have a special internal frame, raising the lower blade so it makes direct contact with the bottom stone surface and is not impeded by any part of the machinery, optimizing the accuracy of the split.

The Wind Star splitting machinery range covers a wide range of applications including cladding, tiles and split paving. Wind Star models range from a blade length of 300 mm up to 2800 mm and a starting splitting force at 20 tons and going up to over 600 tons

Wind Star splitting machines are often configured in an automatic line. The nature of the input material (sawn blocks, slabs and concrete) lends itself well to being split in an automatic line, offering real improvements in production capacity, product quality and operational costs. Automation options for splitting stone are vast and include conveyors, pushers, pneumatic deviators, product counters, and numerous other additional components and machinery to optimize material handling and production of the split cycle.

Contact Steinex or your local Steinex representative to find out if a Wind Star splitting line the right option for you. Our experienced sales staff will be happy to advise you on the best solution for your production facility to optimize product quality, production capacity and minimize operational costs.

Wind Star models

320 320 L0 600 600 SP 800 800 SP 1000 1280 1280
Vertical blade length mm 320 320 600 600 800 800 1000 1280 1280
Vertical splitting height mm 280 350 280 300 280 400 600 450 650
Vertical blade adaptation RB / / / / ½ 2 3 2 2
Vertical splitting forcee t 100 100 35 32 60 60 320 100/120 160
Mobile structural work yes / 1 / 1 yes / 1 yes